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Antonio de Pádua Gomide at his atelier, in city of Viçosa, MG, Brazil.


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“Antonio de Pádua, through a serious scientific work - research in the area of forest engineering, microscopy - ally to its passion for guitars, comes showing, and to each moment surprising at his new discoveries, what it has of better in the art of lutherie. I have presented with his guitars and I feel myself carried through fully. Congratulations, Antonio!” Bartholomeu Wiese are, guitar player, professor of latin guitar in the School of Music of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, member of the traditional group of carioca choro music Galo Preto.


"Antônio de Pádua is a great person. Starting from the principle that, to achieve the mastery at work, whatever the letter, we need to be, above all, good people; He has gone into advantage. And it was with this advantage that, over years and years of dedication and work with wood, reached a real mastery in the art of lutherie.
I am very happy to have found in my way this great luthier, Antonio de Pádua Gomide. And the immensely grateful for the patience and sympathy.
Alexandre Gismonti is guitarist and composer. The surname inherited from his father, Egberto Gismonti, means music in the "Brazilian language".


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“Instrument that grows at the hands of the player. Like this is the Antonio de Pádua guitars. Instrument and instrumentista that interact naturally resulting, in scene, a work of fine touch and high quality in performance. Instrument and luthier worthy to figures in the list of the great constructors and artists of the violonístico role.” Graça Alan is guitarrist, composer and teacher of violão in the School of Music of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.


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“The guitars signed for Antonio de Pádua are uniques: they combine timbre, excellent finishing, sustain, balance and excellent relation cost/benefit. Beyond more reproducing some of the projects of consecrated guitars of the world, He developed a project of guitar joined rare features: gorgeous timbre, balanced and robust sound and with spotless finishing. Certainly the name Antonio de Pádua will be recorded in the pages of the history of artists/constructors of this country.” Maxwell de Oliveira is guitarrist and composer.



I am Antônio de Pádua Gomide. Since I was a boy, I remember being fascinated by the sounds of the musical instruments. I come from a family of musicians and was early initiated in the mysteries of the Divine Art by my mother who is a piano teacher.

In the later 1980's, I started to get interested by the construction of musical instruments. At the time, as guitar instructor, I perceived that some pupils did not have motivation enough to keep learning. Many even gave up the studies due to the precariousness of the instruments. The fact was that their guitars did not present satisfactory sound and were hard to be played.

While making repairs in of some pupils’ instruments I discovered a new and great universe. I started to perceive that each guitar was different, as in the way let itself be played, as in its shape, voice, timbre, volume, etc. Thus, just playing the instruments wasn’t satisfying my curiosity anymore. That’s why I searched for my first teachings in the Art of the Lutherie.

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Antonio de Padua Gomide is fo me a name thats refer to work, oassion and art. Someone who can move to a piece of wood, feeling and emotion. His guitars "speak" more beautiful, with a sound that comes from the soul. When I play on a APG guitar for the first time I was totally fascinated with the sound, the finish and projection of sound. Immediately I contacted Antonio to order my own. Also admire this luthier for humility and flexibility in making changes to our needs. Congratulations Antonio, music appreciates your commitment and your art! Nelson Faria is composer, arranger and guitarist (www.nelsonfaria.com)...

At this time I contacted the great luthier Roberto Gomes, asking for instructions about how could I construct my own guitar. He suggested me to make a course of restoration of musical instruments in the school of lutherie of São João Del Rey, Minas Gerais, at the Federal University of São João Del Rey (old FUNREY). There I initiated myself in the beautiful art of constructing stringed instruments. Very stimulated by Roberto Gomes, we became great friends. He used to say that I had a very good hand for lutherie. I humbly believed this, because I have always worked with the hands craftsmanship and as musician. I passed then to develop my first models.

Studying the models developed for the great masters of world-wide lutherie such as Jose Ramirez, Antonio de Torres, Miguel Rodrigues, Ignácio Fleta, Hermann Hauser, Daniel Frederich, among others, I made copies and developed my own models following the norms and principles formulated by them. My objective was discovering the basic differences between the works of the great masters so I could improve my technique and develop instruments that were of high quality.

With instruments with high quality and accessible price, I could not only supply beginners, but also experienced musicians who already know what they’re looking for, being able to choose specific characteristics for its instrument: timbre, volume, tunings, etc.

" The Antônio de Pádua guitar joint the all features of a higth quality instrument: selected woods with noble history, a dense and balanced sonority that make the tocability very easy. Antônio achieve the mastering in the ancestral art of the great masters!". Marcus Llerena is guitarrist and composer.

The instruments had put together the appearance of the beautiful wood used, the tempered sound and the comfort for the musician. That’s what I search to offer my customers. Beyond keeping me tuned to the requirements of the tradition in producing good instruments, I am always experimenting, innovating, searching new and ways to obtain the maximum in beauty, sonorous quality and playability.

"A thing tha I indentify me with Antônio was you inventivity. A quality thath was born from very intensive research and a deep love by music an woods." Willians Pereira is guitarrist and composer

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Brazil has been molding the sound of the classical guitar since the 1960s, and world-class luthier Antônio de Padua is a key figure in that legacy. The 7-string guitar he made for me is the essence of Brazilian music: lyrical, balanced and highly responsive. It's truly a live thing, a partner I can lean on and pull out a range of colors I could only imagine with previous guitars. I have yet to discover its limits. Antônio himself is a pleasure to deal with, warm, knowledgeable and communicative. Truly one of his country's best-kept secrets. Daniel Waters is a guitarist, composer and poet on the island of Martha's Vineyar

First the work
I have been observing the work of the luthier Antonio de Padua during 12 years. The most important part of my personal and musical life was spent with this cheerful music box, rosewood and cedar, architectured by force in a beautiful guitar built on his atelier. My Torres n. 14 was the laboratory of my master research in timbre, loudness and psychoacoustics of sound production in the acoustic guitar. This instrument supported recordings, concerts, big theaters in Brazil, outside, chamber rooms, hours of study, musically complex contexts, duets with oboe and piano, most of the times without amplification. Nowadays I still notice that this instrument challenges and invites me to explore it, without preciousness and adapting perfectly to the diversity and contrast of Latin-American, contemporary and classical music. More than this, this instrument matures with me.
Second the trustiness:
Antônio carries the more remarkable duality of artists: passion and persistence. Antonio does not guitars only by ordering or for someone who could buy it. In his atelier the guitars are always there, as it could happen by self-will. They are guitars for sounding, to be played, as they could choose its owners, and not the other way. Own a guitar with the persistence of this Luthier is bring with you years of technique, unique woods, history, art and diversity. In this guitar made with passion reign the trustiness of arts men: instruments made with personality, expression and eternal care of his constructor."
Luiz Naveda is guitarrist and composer.

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